Currently we use (2) 22" and (1) 18" WSM's. The Weber Smokey Mountain is the best bang for the buck smoker on the market. Simple enough for backyard BBQ and consistent enough to win professional BBQ competitions.
Not that the WSM needs any assistance to make great BBQ, but the key to championship BBQ is consistency and that is where Rock's BBQ Stoker comes in. This wonderful piece of technology allows you to set a temperature and sit back and relax. You can control up to 3 pits and multiple pit and food temperature probes.
In order to beat the best you need to use the best and that's what Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket is. All of their products are awesome and their customer service is even better.
Although we do not use 1 knife brand exclusively, about 90% of our knives are Victorinox. These knives perform like a champ without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a good knife for under $75 I recommend you look at the Victorinox brand